About the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Rally Edition

It’s not often you see a street-performance truck but Chevrolet is looking to change that. The 2016 Chevrolet Silverado was already a fully capable truck and with its most recent special edition, it’s getting a sportier look. Revealed with Dale Earnhardt Jr. behind the wheel at the Texas Motor Speedway, the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Rally Edition will blow you away.

The Chevrolet Silverado Rally Edition packs a more custom look with a stripe package and contrasting black accents. Unlike in previous years, the door handles and mirrors are the same color as the body. Stripes also run from the front to rear.

Available in two stages, the Rally Edition will offer a custom look without the aftermarket price. The first variation rides on 20-inch wheels and offers the stripes, a locking rear differential, and trailering package. The second package brings tubular side steps, 22-inch rims, dual-zone climate control, a power driver’s seat, and remote start to the 2016 Silverado.

The Rally Edition joins the Midnight Edition and Realtree Edition on the special edition lineup. If the current trend continues, it’s likely this won’t be the last special edition we see.

“We introduced several special editions in 2015,” said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet truck marketing director. “They clearly resonated with buyers, selling in one-third the time.”

We here at H&H Chevrolet Cadillac are hyped that Chevrolet is offering a more custom look on an incredibly popular truck! In the meantime, see the Silverados on our lot!

Why is Rotating Your Tires Important?

Chevy Mechanic Checking Tire Tread

Tire Rotation is important because it’ll help your tires keep their treads at acceptable levels for longer.

We’ve always thought the term “tire rotation” to be an odd one in our Service Department at H & H Chevrolet. After all, technically speaking, tires already rotate all the time when you drive your car.

In mechanic-speak, though, tire rotation refers to switching the tires from front to back, side to side, or even in a diagonal. But why is rotating your tires important?

As you should already know, tires slowly leave rubber behind as you drive, eventually wearing down to the point that they are too unsafe to use. However, the amount of tire wear is not equally spread between every tire. Because front tires are both subjected to longitudinal (accelerating and braking) and lateral (steering) forces, they tend to wear out faster. Even the route you drive daily can have an effect on tire wear; for example, if, on average, you take more fast right turns than left turns, your left tires—especially at the front—will wear out more quickly.

The solution to this is tire rotation. Our mechanics at H & H Chevy in Shippensburg take the most-worn tire and switch it with the least-worn tire, ensuring that wear evens out over the lifetime of your tires. The result is that your tires will be good to use for almost twice as long. Nice!